Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Martha Stewart....step aside!!!

Oh Martha just thinks she knows how to do it all.....but there is no way she can keep up with Velta. Velta has a bed and breakfast in Julian CA,

makes dolls,

makes apple pies,

decorates the school play sets, volunteers her time to a zillion different entities, makes everything herself.....

are you tired yet just thinking about Velta? OK, she is almost EIGHTY YEARS YOUNG!!!!!

Take that Martha!


I've known Velta for a few years and truly hate to go visit because I just know she is going to out-do herself....but I think this trip, I finally realized, no, this is just who Velta is! I mean.....we had fresh fruit with yogurt and white chocolate fondue to dip it in! We had frozen fruit balls in our fruit juice! We had hand made napkin rings and a fresh floral centerpiece with candles, a fresh egg souflee, butter that had been hand pressed into molds the shape of roses (and I'll bet money Velta made the molds!!!), home made biscuits, and hand pressed sausage patties.....for breakfast!!!

But perhaps the most noted symbol is the stained glass panel beside the front door to her house. Apples. I know Velta for her fresh baked apple pies. There is not a store, restaurant, deli....anything, anywhere on earth....that can beat Velta when it comes to her apple pies!!!

But guess what? This trip, she sent me home with a whole blackberry pie. Made with blackberries that Velta picked the day before, down the road, in a patch, wearing bright red gloves, boots and a hat!!! Now, how does she know that blackberries are my very favorite thing? Martha Stewart may be a "household" name.....but I'll take Miss Velta any day of the year!!!

And yes....expect to see and read more about our trip to Julian! It was quite an adventure!


christina d said...

Wow! Whata great place! I'm glad to see one of us seniors still going strong.

christina d said...

Wow! Whata great place! I'm glad to see one of us seniors still going strong.