Sunday, September 28, 2008

Button Dolls

My friend, Rose, is visiting from Wales this week. Yesterday, she taught a button doll class at the Colorado Wizard Club. How fun! I remember making dolls out of empty thread spools as a kid - but I don't remember making dolls out of buttons! This is how mine ended up:

And here's Rose. She finally stumped me - got me to try something I had not done before! Yeah Rose!!!

And there's really no limit to the type of "doll" you can make:

This was made by a 5 year old!!!

And her 50 year old mom did this one:

They can be simple or's all up to you!

I think I will have to make a few more of these and then attach them to cards. But Rose was making key chains and phone charms from hers. All such wonderful ideas!!!


christina d said...

I love them. Sure hope you'll show us how to do them. They are all so pretty.

Caraquena said...

These are great. Can you please tell us how to make them.