Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Answer me this......

Why are WOMEN bashing Sarah Palin?

Regardless of your party affiliation....why not support a female who is attempting to break one more glass ceiling? Open the door for more women in the future?

What has she done in this life that is sooooooo bad? So wrong? And if it was a man that did it...would you feel the same?

Perhaps....just perhaps....she has experienced a touch of real life and might be able to make realistic choices?

I have been inundated with emails against her.

I'm sure she has made plenty of mistakes.....but let the first of us who hasn't made a mistake cast a stone at her. I think if we followed that simple rule....there'd be no stones!

One of the emails proclaimed that she is against sex education (I never had it and had no problem learning more than I ever wanted to know!), against birth control (well, the pills I took caused cancer and I sure know a ton of women in my age bracket dealing with cancer this year), against environmental protection (if you live in Colorado, just drive up I-70 and see what beetle kill has done to all our green trees.....because we can't spray them....because of environmental protection), against alternative energy development (to each their own), against freedom of speech (well, there are some things my son has said to me that I think should have been banned!), against gun control (is there really any gun control at the moment?), against the separation of church and state (ok, explain to me where there still is any separation?), and against pro-choice, which means she is pro-life (why not just say that?).

She has a daughter who is not married and is pregnant. So she experiences real life as it happens. Not too bad as qualifications for a leader. I'd call it experience.

And why isn't Oprah all over this??? It's a woman running for Vice President!!! For heaven's sake, Oprah.....wake up!!!

I promise I won't get political too often, but I just want women to think for themselves. Not read some email and agree with it....without researching what is actually being said, then applying an ounce of common sense to what we read.

Obama is a Muslim by birth. He wants to deny it. But it's a fact. It's like Michael Jackson trying to be a caucasian....it just isn't going to happen! Muslims want Israel wiped off the face of the earth and they want Jews eliminated.

I'm a registered Independent....but I can think for myself. The math is pretty simple.

Now, if you don't agree with me, that's fine. You can always write your own blog! LOLOL!!!

And if you want to read a variety of stuff on why women bash Sarah Palin.....

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up for women, regardless of your party.
She is real.
She has made mistakes.
I am somewhat real
I make mistakes everytime I open my mouth.

Thank you for sitting down and putting your thoughts down ... it was refreshing to read.
kathleen m

Unknown said...

Thank you for speaking the truth!!

Jessejane said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has these thoughts.
It's interesting that when a past president (who shall remain nameless) did NOT have sex with THAT woman, the NOW went to bat for him and his right to
privacy. But let a potential VP have a pregnant, unwed daughter (who by the way has plans to marry the baby's father) and NOW is up in the air because she didn't have an abortion. As an intelligent, educated, registered independent, I am seeing, once again, the
real face of NOW.
Judy H.

Unknown said...

I subscribe to your blog and read it daily. Never made a comment..shame on me! You have drawn me out with this post!
When my husband and I watched and carefully listened to her first speech, we were impressed, to say the least. The first thing that popped into my mind was from the Geico commercial where the fellow says "Human beings, behaving humanly". And thank goodness one of them is interested in representing us. Has the world gone mad? Or is it the media? Or perhaps other politicians who feel threatened by someone who might upset their apple cart? Whatever the case, I am intelligent enough to appreciate what I am seeing.
A real human being. A responsible, intelligent, capable, multi-tasking woman coming into the forefront. It's about time.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Thanks for all your comments! I really pondered whether or not to write what I was feeling.....but that last email just did me in! If we all just sent this to 2 women that we know and they sent it to 2 women.....we can make such a difference in the path this nation chooses to take!