Sunday, August 10, 2008

San Diego and Me!!! August 29, 2008

What do you love about San Diego??? I LOVE the shopping!!! And although I will miss the San Diego Shop Hop, I wll be there for the Expo! If you want to join me for a fun filled morning of shopping, we'll start out at Scrapbook Your Life at 9 am!

Then at 2 pm, back at the store, we'll make this great new "book of me" bind-it-all purse! The questionnaire for this book will include places you love to shop, why you love San Diego, your best fashion tips and more! After all, breaking down a huge "book of me" into small mini books with specific topics just gives us more reason to play!!!

But where is the bind-it-all binding???

That's one of the techniques I will teach - how to hide the binding!!!

And even with such a tiny coil, we can still get plenty of pages inside this little purse.

Scrapbook Your Life! is famous for their "wall of paper". And since this is all about shopping, I wrote a quick little poem:

When I see that wall of paper, I los all of my control
I can't be held back - it rips out my soul!
I have such a weakness for paper is my love
My money tree is dead, I need help from above!
I am a shpaholic. Went to therapy this week -
I didn't do a bit of good, I'm such a paper freak!
Ineed a 12 step program that can help me behave
But I walk into SBL! and my brain has a short-wave.
The credit cards are maxed. Can I clean the floors for you?
I need to buy that paper, and everything that's new!
Paperholic, shopaholic, I can't let it be.
That paper MUST be mine! It was just made for me!!!

And then one more:

At the San Diego Shop Hop it was shop til you drop
Then the Scrapbook Expo it was just go, go, go!!!
Scrapbook Your Life! so much is new,
Where do I start? What do I do?
SBL! let's shop! shop! shop!
Hop, drop, stop, plop and crop!!!

Call the store at 619-298-7871 to sign up for this class. Again, Saturday, 8/29, 2-4 pm. Only $10.00!!! The template is a JLo original! If you can't make it to the class and want to order a class kit for the same price (+ shipping), just email me. Class kits will be mailed about 9/14/08 - after the class!

Class kit: scissors, craft knife, ruler, paper trimmer, tape runner, wet glue, non-stick craft sheet, apron, glass mat, Ranger's Fired Brick Distress ink. If you don't have these, come share mine!!!

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