Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spending money like I have it!!!

Yesterday was the first time I even had a second to rush through the store and shop! What fun! I told myself to just forget the price and pull whatever my eye went to and we'll do the math later on. For now, it's all in a basket under my work table. But I thought you might like to see where my eye went and what I grabbed. How fun is this!!!

Absolutely no idea what this, but obviously a beach theme, the famous boardwalk, and exercise? NOT! LOL!

Oh! For an hour to shop like I like to do - but right now, back to ordering more product for the store. YES! I get to order this week! It's really fun to spend someone else's money!

If you see something you want to order, just email me! I'll help you spend your money, too!!!

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