Monday, July 28, 2008

My seaside spot

Do you have your spot by the sea? The place you love to return to? Mine is a little off the beaten path, north of Pacific Beach. I try to get there each time I come to San Diego. It's a place I can usually find parking....and where I can see the sea, and hear the waves. At night - it's just incredible as there are spotlights up on the hill that cast light down on to the beach, so I feel very safe going even after dark.

To me, personally, there is nothing on earth like sitting and listening to the sound of the ocean waves. I can easily jump into the right side of my brain and let the sounds take over my soul and never leave. It's probably a real good thing that I don't live within listening distance of the ocean - I'd never get a thing done!

If you don't have a spot by the sea, find one! It's just great!


christina d said...

Oh Jen, Wat a beautiful spot. I can hear the ocean now. Of course we don't have any seasides in Oklahoma. I can always dream!!

betsters said...


Oh, I know what you mean. I LOVE, LOVE beach and the ocean. You did have a great place to stay....the pics are awesome. If you get a chance, you can read how I feel about it on my blog in my profile:

So sad I didn't get to spend more time with you while you were in San Diego, but I look forward to doing just that when you return in August. Thanks again for the Mama Mia party....such a fun time. And I really enjoyed your photos.

Your new friend,

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Hi Bets! I checked out your blog - love the pics of the grandkids! And yes, you beat me to it - so we'll just make the announcement right here - I'll be coming back 8/28 and staying til 9/14. And I think I get to drag my sis, Colleen, with me! You'll have to put up with 2 of the 4 Moore Girls! It will be party city for a couple of weeks! Hope you all can stand that! LOLOL!