Friday, July 18, 2008

A grande evening

Well I just don't know when I've ever had so much fun. I'm just now getting internet connection, so going back to post photos about our Mamma Mia event!

There is just something about a tiara and boa that makes that "real" inner child come forth!

You get some kind of freedom to play like you normally wouldn't play!

Your eyes get a little wider!

You look almost "royal"!!!

And when the camera girl says "blow me a kiss" - you actually do it!

When she says "suck in those cheeks" - you actually follow her directions!

You can turn yourself into the perfect pouty princess in 2 seconds!!!

And it's amazing how you can make your nose do such fun things!!! Just in the blink of an eye!!!

You may just hate your picture, but when you have on a tiara and a boa - somehow - it just doesn't matter!

And by the end of the photo shoot, you're actually telling her how you want to pose!!!

I just don't know when I've had such fun "subjects" posing for my camera! And you can only imagine how much fun we had at the movies - wearing our tiaras and boas!!!

If you haven't dresses up to go to the movies at least once in your life - you are missing your life!!!

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Denise...The Glitter Queen said...

Jenn, thanks for a great nite!

I enjoyed the heck out of everything we did!!

Oh Mamma Mia!!