Friday, June 6, 2008

More freedom with your unmounted stamps!

Well, when I saw this at the store, I had to grab it! It's a Memory Essentials Rollergraph by Clearsnap. You can take any unmounted (thin) rubber stamp and put it on the adhesive roller and make a border. Oh! Wow!!!

But then I saw that it also has an inker. Now how ingenious is that system? But it was a bit complicated for me to figure out how to install I decided to do a picture tutorial on this. When you take the ink pad out of the package it looks like this

There's a "hole" in the back"

and that "hole" has to go around this "prong".

There are tracks that it slides in on.

You simply click it back into position

And the cover for the ink pad cancome on and off.

Take the cover off and push the ink pad forward so that it rests on the stamps.

The handle on the original roller comes off and the roller stnaps down into the ink pad holder

Like this

And then you just start to roll over your paper:

These are MSE stamps that I put together to make a border. I have to say that these flourishes went on the roller just perfect!

And these are from Crafty Lady:

The possibilities are just unlimited! New borders! Wow! Now, you cannot use this with stamps that you ahve applied to EZ Mount as it is too thick to go around the roller. But your clear acrylic works great!

And from Linda at Clearsnap:

you can rinse off the adhesive strips and the water will somehow rejuvenate the tackiness of the tape, so you can use it a bunch before you need to peel the first layer of tape to expose the fresh one underneath. There are 5 layers of tape on each wheel.

They also suggested purchasing multiple wheels and just leaving your stamps on the wheel. Yet another great idea from Clearsnap!!!


Debby said...

I keep meaning to tell you how fantastic you are at showing me new things and helping me to understand it. I am a faithful reader and I guess I haven't proven that much either. Well thank you and I am. Too cool! Oh and because of you I bought myself a hot fix stone styler thingy and tons of crystals. Yeehaw!!!

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

I'm always happy to help a fellow crafter spend their money! Makes me feel a little less guilty about spending my own! LOL!

Renee said...

I bought one of these, but never saw the ink. Can you buy them seperately and do they come in different colors? PS-I love your blog...

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Renee, I have 3 different colors and they do come separate. Ask your store to order them through Product Performers - I think that's where I got mine.