Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Flip, Spin and Play!

If you are looking at my blog, over on the right, you will see a picture of this book by F&W Publications. Someone inquired how I did the pop-up flowers, so I thought I'd share here:

You should be able to download this template and print, cut out, and use as a pattern. You will need 1 each of # 1, # 2, and # 3. I have marked the dotted lines as M or V....M = mountain fold , the crease will be on top and the sides will go down, and V =
Valley, the sides will fold up.

Cut out diagram 1 and attach flowers to the back of it. I have positioned the flowers as such so that when I closed my book, they did not show. But you can really position them anywhere. The flowers are just Basic Gray paper cut out and then I cut slim strips of paper and adhered them on the back. You can add more or less flowers as you desire.

This is diagram # 2 cut out with flowers attached. Note the circle (B) on the right side folds open:

This is diagram # 3 cut out with flowers attached:

To give you an idea of where we are going next, place # 1 below # 2 like this: If you want to practice, slide # 1 up into the slots on # 2. The lettters A and B should match on each side.

But you really don't need to practice. As long as you've done the folds right, this will work just fine.

Adhere # 1 to the paper. Only attach the outside right and left parts....before the Valley folds:

NOTE: When you page is open flat, this will be flat against the page. If you start the close the page, this should fold up towards you as in the photo

Next, take # 2 and bring it in from the top, down through the slots A & B, all the way to the base. This piece is not adhered anywhere, it just sits in the slots.

Then, about 1/2" below this, place # 3. Adhere this on the outside tabs on both the right and the left:

There are a few more photos in my Picasa album if you want to take a look.

Now, you KNOW you want the book! So just go buy it! Flip, Spin & Play! And while you're at it, look for FIVE more of my projects inside the book!!!


Debra said...

I love your Picassa album; how long did it take you to find those keys in the fridge?

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Actually, they are the tail-end of this blog:


It's my method to make sure no one leaves food in my fridge when they come to play and we go out to lunch. It's become such a joke that now I'm almost afraid someone is going to leave their keys here!!!