Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Star book tutorial (Bind-it-all and Scor-It)

Well, I am going to try to do a tutorial on the star books tonight. For this book, you will need 31* (see note at end) of the # 8 tags from American Tag Co. You can pick them up at most office supply stores....or you can email me. I'm going to sell these as kits. 25 tags and the rings cut to size for $5.00 per kit.

These tags are 3 1/8" wide and 6 1/4" long.

Cut 7 tags that are 4 1/2" long cutting from the end opposite the hole.

You will then take 6 tags that are uncut, in their original size and fold them in half. I like to use my mini scor-it to do this. Note the stopper on the upper left hand corner? Once you set the stopper, you don't have to measure any of the other tags for that set. Just line them up to the stopper and score them.

Fold them in half

And then I use my Cropadile to punch through the existing hole so there will be holes on each end of this set of tags. We will call this set "A".

For set "B", you will cut 6 tags to 5 1/2" and repeat the above steps.

For set "c", you will cut 12 tags 3" from the end opposite the hole. These will look like squares and you will score each down the center at 1 1/2" and fold in half.

Ink all of the tags. For this set, I used Ancient Page inks. Direct to tag.

Next, take the 7 origial tags and using the bind-i-all, punch holes in the flat end (non circle end). Then take each of the twelve 3" squares that you folded in half and punch them on the fold line.

Are you confused yet? The next photo should help. You will take 2 of the "C" tags and put them between each of the original 7 tags. Thread all of these throught the rings. I have sort of done mine in a rainbow pattern:

Position the rings so that the opening is opposite the tags:

Place this upright in the far end of the bind-it-all. Be sure to screw the end until the bar matches the same size as your o-ring.

Press the handle down. This will close the rings.

Nice job, huh?

So here is the finished product for this step. 2 folded inserts between each of the long tags. OK, 12 between 7 means that you will have 2 tags that have nothing between them. These are the front and back covers of your book.

Next, you want to take the 6 tags from set "A" and position them between the long tags. Remember, you will have 2 tags that have no insert because they are the front and back covers.

Then place the Set from "B" inside this. Take some raffia or ribbon and tie each of the corners together. You can search my other blogs for photos showing that.

Next, I tore pieces of Scrapperdashery paper in coordinating colors about 4" long and folded them in half using the mini Scor-It.

Inked the edges

You can take diecuts or punhes and cut aperture cuts in the center of each of these pieces. Bring in different colors of ink if you like. This is the Spellbinders Flying Beauties die.

And of course, emboss and ink the diecut.

Place 2 rows of double sided tape on the back side:

Fold the paper in half and adhere to one side of the tag.

Fold in half and adhere the other side

Press down firm to position the inside paper correctly.

OK, go back and take a second look. Note that I did not line up the center, I put the center of the inside paper about 1/4" to the right of the center of the fold line on the tag. When you open it up, you will get a "shadow" effect.

Perhaps a better view from this side:

Then attach the diecut to the tag/paper.

For this page, I used the wings from the ATC die and some Lucy McGoo stamps and some swirls

The heart nestability dies. I like these dies because you can position them anywhere on the paper, and you can position multiple dies at one time

The star nestability die. So much fun!

The paisley nestability die and some Technique Tuesday paisley stamps.

Spellbinders cali-lilly dies and Lucy McGoo roses:

And the final butterfly page

What I like about these tag books is that the ends are tied together. So if you decide you need more stamps, more cuts, more anything, you can quickly take them apart and make additions.

It's all about playing. This is the basic template. To see other samples, just go over to labels on the right side of my blog page and click on bind-it-all or star book or scor-it and more will come up. As always, if you have questions about any of these steps, just add a comment here and I will try to explain!

* I have edited this tutorial. I just can't count! LOL! This particular tag book does take 31 tags because I used 2 insets between each divider tag in the bind it all. If you use only 1 inset, then the book only takes 25 tags. Hope that helps!


Margie Higuchi said...

Well, I don't have a question..yet! But you always have the best tutorials! I wanted to post to say thank you for this!! Can't wait to try this :0) Thanks, Jen!! MargieH in Chicago

Unknown said...

You did a great job with this tutorial! Easy to follow your directions. I hope to try this soon. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello, just a silly question...
7 tags for cover, 6 for set A, 6 for set B plus 12 tags for the 3" squares, that means I need 31 tags and not 25 ? Or is it something I didn't understand ?

Jennifer Moore Lowe said... are so right...I can't count! LOL! I've edited the tutorial to explain. If you use a two-tag inset between the pages, then you are correct, it is 31 tags. If you use a single inset (like I've done in every other tag book except the one I used as this tutorial) then it's 25 tags. So sorry for the mix up. Hope the edit makes sense!

THANKS!!! I'm hiring you as my editor!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, glad to help ;-) I give it a try but I'm not happy with the result, the book is ok but the colors are ugly !

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Beatrice, what inks are you using? Try either Ranger Distress inks or Colorbox Ancient Page inks.

Hope that helps!

jasmoonbutterfly said...

beautiful...I can not wait to try out...thank you so much for the step by step photos mwah x

jasmoonbutterfly said...

beautiful...I can not wait to try out...thank you so much for the step by step photos mwah x

LazyKay said...

OH WOW! This is amazing.