Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tutorial - embossing part 3, using the cut side to emboss

OK, this is the final embossing tutorial (well, unless I think of something else!) I'm actually going to cover 2 techniques here, but am going to call it embossing.

You can line up any 2 nestabilities dies or geometric dies to make a frame:

If you diecut will get what is between the 2 dies, a frame. Sort of cool. Can't you envision this as a frame around a cropped photo?

But what I want to show you is how to emboss this into a piece of paper, using the cut ridge to do the embossing.

The sandwich for this is a little different. I think (just my personal opinion) that some of the newer dies are a little thicker than some of the older dies, so you will want to adjust the sandwich and I will tell you where and how.

For this, use:

Blue mat (from the charm emboss kit)
Thin white spacer plate
dies lined up as a frame, cut side up
tan polymer pad
Cut mat, cut side down.

The dies should emboss, but not cut through the paper and the design should look like this:

This is a debossed ridge. If you flip this over, the other side will be embossed, which is equally cool!

Now, if it cuts through, then remove the thin white spacer plate from your sandwich.

If it doesn't emboss, simply add cardstock between the bottom blue mat and the thin spacer plate, or if you have taken that plate out, add cardstock between the bottom blue mat and the die.

It really is an experiment because the thickness of your paper and the thickness of your die will determine how you need to shim your sandwich, but this will give you a great start.

One of the cutest dies to do this type of embossing with is the overalls die. Just too cute!

So now, you have one tutorial on diecutting and 3 tutorials on embossing. I think this is a great way to get started using your Wizard and/or Spellbinders style dies. Isn't it about time you take them out of the box and give them a try?

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Thank you for your wonderful tutorials!