Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We're on a roll, getting ready for Saturday!!!

Actually, we were laughing about the things that roll......4 office chairs on wheels - $5.00 each!

a brand new stampress - that "rolls" metal as it embosses it. No, it's not $45 - that's the original retail price. It's only $20!

Well, who needs 5 or 6 diecut systems? This revolution comes complete with tons of mats and poly pads as well as the 12" extender plate and all the mats and pads to go with that. You just won't find a revolution this well set up anywhere!!! just "roll" your paper and dies through the machine to cut them out!

A Dewalt drill with charger. Yep, works just fine. No, this doesn't roll - but you can use it to tighten things that do roll!

A 12" scor it, and the "ultimate tool" - an enveloper, scorer, box maker, shaped card maker and more!

so, if I'm getting rid of all the stuff, I might as well throw in the shelves. Not your ordinary shelves, either - these are huge. Almost 7' tall, 7 shelves, extremely sturdy - purchased at a government auction. These will hold any weight!

And the cabinet that matches the shelves. I love the doors - you can hid so much stuff! I don't have the key, but the guys at McGuckins assurred me it can be rekeyed. This cabinet originally sold for $435.

And do you really think the basement is empty yet? HARDLY!!! 1/3 is devoted to Kerry's trains...but I honestly think that will have to be another sale! LOL!!!

I told someone today - it took me 10 years to get it all down to the basement studio and I've brought it all upstairs in 10 days. I may be in the ER come Saturday! No - I wouldn't dare miss all this fun!!! The FOOD arrived today! Hotdogs, chips and soda - we're selling them at cost just so you can have lunch while you shop!!! Tomorrow afternoon I'll be picking peaches and pears to give away. So yes, there's even going to be free stuff at this sale!

Saturday, 8- 3pm, 749 Pashchal Dr, Lafayette CO

Come join the fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

I SO wish I could come to this sale! I'd probably pass out from all the deals though! lol

Lisa H