Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's never too late!!!

Studying Hebrew and Greek words.....amazing!!!

The word "tithe" actually means "TAX". So they were "taxed" - had to give their tithe to the government to run it. Remember....there were no "churches" back then.

Gen 12:3 "I will bless them that bless thee" A prohpecy made by G-d to Abraham. Israel is the "seed" of Abraham. To me, it has meant that if I give my gifts, give what I have that I don't need to Jewish charities, to Israel, then I will be blessed.

And it has definitely worked for me!!! I have been donating to Jewish charities since 1995 and I am (literally) afraid to stop giving! Each year I try to give a little more. Each year I am blessed by leaps and bounds!!! I think if I stopped life might cease to be this blessed!

So, you can still drop a check in the mail, or go to a website and use your credit card. Start with $100 and see if in 12 months from now, that money hasn't been returned to you at least once over....many years my donation has been returned to me several times over!!!

Here are just a few organizations and I will add to this list as I've asked my brother, sisters and mom to share their charities with me as well.

Yeshivath Beth Moshe
930 Hickory St
Scranton PA 18505

Children's Villageof Jerusalem
15 Beekman St
New York NY 10038

Orphans Home for Girls
132 Nassau St, Ste 725
New York NY 10038

Edmond J. Safra Plaza
36 Battery Place
New York NY 10280

The Home of the Sages of Israel
25 Bialystoker Place (Willett Street)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 673-8500

Boys Town Jerusalem
Foundation of America
1 Penn PLZ Ste 6250
New York NY 10117-3490

Bayit Lepletot - Girls Town Jerusalem
Girls Orphanage
1 Beharan Street P.O.B. 5115
Jerusalem ISRAEL 91050

Telshe Yeshiva
28400 Euclid Avenue
Wicklife, Ohio 44092
(440) 943 5300

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
PO Box 96818
Washington DC 20077-7674

% Rachel Schitskovsky-Ivker
12 Robenu Politi
Jerusalem, 93390

Imagine a world where you only paid 10% tax and then gave your excess to Israel. Can you fathom a preacher today telling you to do that? Who would fund their billion dollar industries? Just remember....the promise is to bless Israel....NOT your local church! The commandment is to pay your tithe to the government, not your local church!

Understanding scripture as written in it's original language......absolutely amazing!!!

May you have a blessed 2010!



Anonymous said...

I agree with this philosophy, but have one caveat--if EVERYONE would pay their 10% (no deductions, no exceptions) of every cent they earned, then no one would be overtaxed or undertaxed and our nation would have no debt. I best not get on my soapbox on this topic so will leave it at this.

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

humm....maybe I'll research that next and see if there were exceptions for paying the Biblical times. I totally agree with you. Wish we only had to pay 10%!

Amy said...

This is very interesting, Jen. I'm sure there are many things in the Bible that we haven't interpreted correctly. Thank God that Jesus did everything correctly, because we simply can't! Blessings to you in 2010.