Monday, March 2, 2009

Friendly Plastic - oh baby (doll)!!!

This is just too cute. Can you tell I'm just having way too much fun? Linda brought the doll on the left with was made by her friend, Liz Welch. You can see a better display of Liz's dolls here:

Friendly Plastic Blog

The one on the right is mine. Not too bad for my first doll.

Differences, to be sure, but maybe that's what I am liking about this medium!

So then I decided I wanted to make a baby...but I think she is more of a little girl:
I put tiny little flowers around her shirt....and crimped the edges using a very narrow pair of flat nose pliers. 

Her skirt is a piece of pleated wedding lace, gathered up tight.

And I made her bonnet by crimping the friendly plastic around her face.

Oh!  I am just having way too much fun!!!  So many ideas, so little time to play!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi again Jen,
Your variations on my little doll are great. The dolls are really simple to make, and lots of fun. I am very impressed with your first attempt, you should have seen my prototypes - none of them survived to be photographed I am happy to say!