Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friendly Plastic Diecut Fusion on Canvas

Last night, I showed you how to do the diecuts from recycled plastic. Tonight....what to do with them?
I love to interloop them....and see what you can get by "hooking" them together or layering them:

I'm working on a big collage (20 x 16") so I just laid these on the canvas.  When you use your heat gun, they will melt into the canvas.  There's enough tooth that they just become part of the fabric.  Careful as you will not be able to remove get them where you want them before you start!

While it's still warm (or you can reheat it to make it warm) simply drop charms, beads, found objects, anything down into the plastic - it will stick!

This next one is still just 2 diecuts. But note the corner that didn't get cut right? (OK, I got the die too close to the edge!)

Heat it into the canvas and add more charms.  Who knew there was a booboo under there?

Once you get started, just continue to add and build up your project.  This is just one tiny corner...but I think I'm happy with it!

Here's the first video that I did for this technique. I think I like the griddle method better, but I still do the iron when I want to get my plastic thinner than a dime. The last part of the video will show you how to heat the plastic diecuts into the canvas and add the charms.

Well, it will be awhile before I'm totally done with the canvas...but I hope to share bits and pieces as I use all the techniques I can think of to create this collage!!! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Your video was great fun ---

Thanks for sharing ---
I must have missed you doing the P
is that fantasy film or FP


Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Kathleen - these are all Friendly Plastic. But I have melted fantasy film into the friendly plastic and then diecut that as well. You can also do the faux dichroic glass using friendly plastic as the base. I think that was a much earlier blog. :o)