Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friendly Plastic Cutter Fusion

Someone asked if Kemper Cutters work with Friendly Plastic. Of course! Linda and I played with them when I was at her place in the Ozarks in 2007, but I got them out again and started playing. The pieces are not "finished" - but you will get the idea. These are great - they go down to about 3/16" I think - such tiny little cutters.

Just melt the bottom piece using the griddle method and then place the other pieces on top - they will melt down into the bottom piece.  

OK,  you can do multiple layers - here's 3 layers:

OK - my tips:

1.  Use them just like you would any other cutter.  Dip them in vasoline or badger balm, then set them in cold water
2.  Heat your Friendly Plastic using the griddle method
3.  Press the cutter down into the Friendly Plastic and lift up.  Do not "wiggle" around.  
4.  Place back into cold water between each cut (like you do your ice cream scoop!)
5. Do not use the plunger applicator on these cutters - pretend it doesn't exist!
6.  On the tiniest cutters - 3/16" - sometimes the plastic will stick inside.  I find it best on these to redip in vasoline between each cut.  They worked just fine when I did that.
7.  Do not clean between uses.  Just leave the vasoline on there.  I think it conditions the cutters.

Kemper makes tons of these.  I really love the hearts, flowers and ovals, but have used every design they make. 

I find that I prefer working with the black backed strips as it gives a border around the inlaid piece.  You can see the blue/white just doesn't show up as well as the others.

This is my favorite so far, Cutter Fusion over Fracture Fusion.    Maybe we'll call this one Fracture 'n cut 'n Fuse!

I can hardly wait to finish these pieces and turn them into wonderful bits of jewelry  - there's just so much you can do and so many tools you can use with this medium.  And of course, you can also use the Kemper Cutters with melted pellets.  

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