Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are we there yet?

Did you see the movie? I have to ask - do you miss me yet? LOL!!! How fun to be posting live and in person without being present at all! Oh! I so wish I would have had time to get some video tutorials done before I left. And that got me to thinking - do you make long "to-do" lists and do you ever get to them?

And do you share your goals with others?

And what type of goals do you have for yourself?

Mom always said you need to have a goal.

My list is so long right now, and I thought I'd post some of it here so you can help me stay on task in the months to come!!!

1. Design new stamps for my Lucy McGoo line
2. Finish my Senior Certification with Art Clay Silver
3. Video tutorials (yes, it's down the list a little!)
4. Convert R. H. Mount cassette tapes to CD (yes, I have goals that are not art related!)
5. Walk 3 miles a day (and there are on-going goals)
6. List stuff on ebay to sell (and there are never-ending goals!)
7. Set up an online store
8. Repair the gardens (they got neglected this year!)

And I "thought" I retired! LOLOL!!!

Now, keep in mind that I have a "to-do" list for each of the goals above. I take a goal and break it down into a series of steps that I can work on a little bit at a time. For instance:

Goal: Design new stamps for my Lucy McGoo line

1. Learn Illustrator (software)
2. Learn more of Photoshop (software)
3. Sketch ideas and scan into computer, then edit
4. Group images and sentiments by topics
5. Create sheets based on themes

And then each of those "to-do" lists get broken down into simpler tasks that I can accomplish in a few spare minutes here and there.

All of the above comes from the left side of my brain. The MBA. The manager. It comes from 33 years of working in offices, managing people and paper.

And it all goes out the window the very instant that I sit down and start to play!


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