Saturday, September 20, 2008


I think I have everything from San Diego unpacked. Whew! I'm sort of in a mess here as I'm moving parts of my studio from the basement upstairs....sorting through stuff (oh! what a chore!) and finishing up some unfinished projects as I get ready for the retreat coming up.

NINETEEN women at my house for a whole weekend! Am I insane or what? LOLOL!!!

Remember how I did all my drawers with Heidi Swapp paper? Then ran out. Got some more and started in on my storage "accessories". I love these rounders from Making Memories - this one stores all of my markers, pens, and part of my colored pencils:

I have a second one for the tools that I use on a regular basis. There are little drawers in the bottom of these, so handy for things like push pens and ribbon threaders. They were all white and now that I have the paper on them.....I love them even more!

I'm not sure what these are called, but they are from Making Memories as well. Got 2 of them to hold all my printer paper, printer ribbons, business papers, etc. Again, little drawers across the bottom where I'm storing all those things that tend to get lost somewhere in the mess on my table.

And what a chore to more all my shelves upstairs. But we're done! When I get it completely finished, I'll take better pictures. There are 4 sections and they take up a whole wall. So soothing to look at and something I can live with because our first floor is all open, no anyone who comes to visit gets to see it all!

It's amazing how much stuff I have that I don't need, so I'm clearing out, bagging it up because at the retreat, we're going to have swap, sell and give-away tables set up in the basement! The retreat is in just 2 weeks, so expect to hear lots more as the preparations get underway!!!

The agenda is set.....4 teachers, and everything is totally free. WOW! Have you ever heard of such a thing? TWO whole days of techniques and classes and it's all free!!! Well - that may not ever happen again....but this year, we've managed to pull it off! Guess that's what happens when you live in Colorado where things like Art Unraveled, Creative Escape, Scrapfest and CKC don't happen - we just make our own!!!

Hmmmm......I have to just wonder....if we can do this for come all those other events cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to attend? Something to think about!

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DeAnna said...

Hey Jenn, great ideas for the Making Memories stuff, I have the carousels and the big embellishment center, been trying to come up with something for those 3 drawer rubbermaid things too, thanks for the ideas...
have a great day