Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh! It's so much fun to play!

I have Monday's off while teaching in San Diego, so guess what I did today? I took a class! LOL! Went to Sally's house and she showed me how to paint myself. Here is one of her self-portraits....these are huge....on canvas...and a mixed media collage:

This is the one she is currently working it's a work in progress: (just click on it to see a larger view)

You start with a portrait and blow up each quandrant to 8x11. So this is 16 x 22 overall.

The hardest thing was to match up the center lines. Took me forever!

Then you paint each quadrant separately. Then lay them all on canvas. Paint them on the canvas using gel medium, then blend the paint on the original quadrants into each other. Wow! What complete fun!!!

I decided to be part blonde, part red head, part blue hair, and I'm not sure what the purple and bronze age is....maybe really old! And there's silver metallic flecks throughout all my hair.....yep, reflective of all the grey!

I got this much done today and decided to wait a day or 2 and then start my collage. But the more I look at this, the more I think I might just leave it as it is. You know me, when I start to collage....I just never know when to finish!


Anonymous said...

Neat , I love it ....


Edie said...

I just spent way too many minutes taking pictures of myself with my digital camera - thanks! LOL ! What totally neato fun!


Gerrie Johnnic said...

OH my, I just luv the new U! Cute, young and sexy! tyfs, I can't wait to try this, but on a smaller scale, I'll post if I ever get it done GF...huggers