Saturday, August 2, 2008

Playing with Colorwash and Nesties

An all new heritage star book class for my next trip to San Diego! This is just too much fun. I'm playing with braille paper this week and wanted to see what happens when you colorwash it. I used Stream, Lettuce and Cranberry.

Used Spellbinders nestabilities to cut apertures in each side of each page. You can cut 2 at one time.

No, this is not 3 diecuts, this is one single diecut, embossed. How cool is this?

I used it on the cover and for this project, I'm doing both white and black pen work.

Tell me Quick! What was I made of?
Sugar and Spice? Everything nice?
A bit of you, and him, and her?
Wish I could still ask your advice!

Here's a close up of the oval with pen work on top.

The inside of the star when open:

And from the side:

Mom and her mom. Not for these pages, I used a green glitter pen with the white pen. There are just so many different variations you can use with the nesties. So much fun!

I left some photo mounts blank just so students can see what it would look like. These are oval frames on top of the page

Oval frames, embossed with pen work:

For these, I used the die as a stencil and just did pen work on the outside page. The inside frames are embossed only.

Even more ideas for using the white pen with the nesties:

Here I used black pen on the frames inside the ovals and then white pen on the outside flourishes:

close up of one example:

another closeup:

and another one:

This is a 4 hour class and it will go fast! But what fun! I did mine as a heritage book, but you could change up the colors and once again, pick almost any theme! I truly like how this one turned out and think this is going to be a totally fun class! The date and time will be posted on the SBL! site soon!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful book
so where did you get the braille paper???


Viki Banaszak said...

Yea, where? I want some. I love this project!

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

As soon as I get my class samples done, I will cut some pieces and post them in Lucy's little store in the upper right hand corner of my blog. Hopefully by next week.