Monday, August 4, 2008

Crack 'n Peel it!

You know, most of the techniques that I teach can be found somewhere online. So I don't mind sharing because I don't think it takes away from my classes at all. In fact, sometimes I think it's a whole lot easier to take a class and see something done in person than to read about it and try to figure it out.

I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but I was practicing the peeled paint technique using vaseline and I wondered what would happen if I used Ranger's Distress Crackle Paint rather than acrylic paint. Well, I decided that we have to call this Crack 'n Peel! I used a photo from Art Chix:

And covered the faces with vasoline - pretty thick:

Then painted on Antique Linen Crackle Paint. The paint will not stick where the vasoline is, and you don't want it to stick there.

Then I heat set it

and then literally peeled the paint off using the tip of my craft knife.

You can peel as much or as little off as you want:

Next I added 2 layers of Vintage Photo Distress ink using Cut n' dry foam:

For this sample, I used a much thinner layer of vasoline, so I think I like thicker vasoline.

Has a definite vintage feel to it. I can only imagine the unlimited possibilities as you start to experiment with different colors of Distress Crackel paint and then add different shades of Distress Ink over them. I have lots of time to play - but not that much time! LOL!

Maybe tomorrow I'll try this on glass or acrylic. Stay tuned!

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christina d said...

I've seen the peeled paint before, the old way, but this looks so much easier. I'll give it a try. Yours came out really nice.