Monday, June 23, 2008

Make your own mica!!!

OK, I think you will love this technique! Faux mica! I'll post the photo first, then all the instructions for the different kinds of mica that I've come up with. Just click on the photo and it should open in a separate window so you can have the photo up as you read through the techniques

Faux mica:

1. Cut pieces of laser transparency into the shapes of mica
2. Place 1 drop each of Ranger’s Sepia, Crackle and Glossy accents on the mica
a. Finger paint or paint it with a brush across the surface, blending all three drops
b. Works best if you leave a faint design horizontally across the transparency
c. Bubbles are great…makes it look like faux vintage glass!
d. Let dry
3. Flip transparency over and apply Ranger Latte Alcohol ink on the other side.

The end result is a piece that looks very much like mica…and a whole lot cheaper! See “A” in the photo.

Mica Opals:

Using the above technique, instead of latte AI, use a polished stones technique and apply color to one side.

1. Place in heated level melting pot (just place the lid under the top of the pot and it will be level)
2. Let heat just a few seconds and place a small piece of frozen opals (After Midnight Stamps) on the piece.
3. Let melt, remove from pot

Gorgeous enough to wrap and wear as a pendant…or you can stamp on this, too! See “B” in the photo.

Faux Mica Opal Pendants:

Photographs just do not show the glimmer and shine you can get from this technique. For these pendants, I just used 2 pieces of faux mica. Did the technique above then placed a piece of Faux mica over the piece of Mica Opals. Either wrap wire around them, or edge with Ranger Memory tape and then wrap with wire (Amaco Fun Wire). Photos “C”.

And for photo “D”, I simply did the above and sandwiched in between 2 pieces of Memory glass in a Memory frame.

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Gerrie Johnnic said...

You are just amazing! I love this tech! OMG, all I need is time to go GF!

Audrey Huffman ( said...

Way to go Jen. WOW so informative, simple and absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Love Audrey

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

You are astoundingly brilliant!?! WOW what a great idea! Thanks for sharing all of your hard work & talent. :0)


and thanks Jen...will have to give this ago after I get back from 3wks holiday

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Glad you like it! :o)