Saturday, May 24, 2008

Talk about images

OK, that's the name of a brand new stamp company that I worked for this weekend! And for those of you who attended the show today, here's the tutorial I promised.

Start with an acrylic tag. Well, of course, you can use any shape and as I showed today, you can use clear transparencies as well.

Any 3 colors of alcohol ink. I used Ranger, but Pinata inks will work as well.

Using felt on a wood block, apply ink to the "count of 2".

It will absorb into the felt and look a bit like this.

Dab it onto the acrylic until the acrylic is covered.

If you don't like what you get, clean it off with blending solution and start over. I like what we got for this one. This is called polished stones and I first learned this technique from Michelle Bodensteiner in the summer of 2004. Thanks Michelle!!!

Next, take a stamp. I'm using stamps from Talk About Images. If you want to purchase any of these stamps, feel free to email them.

Ink it up with permanent black ink. I like either Jet Black Archival ink, or black Stazon ink.

Ink right into the alcohol ink, same side.

Let dry just a little bit. You don't want wet ink for the next step, but if you wait too long, it won't work.

Using Viva paper towels (remember....Mom said "always use Viva!"), start wiping off the black ink.

It will wipe off all the black ink AND wipe off all of the alcohol ink where the image was stamped.

And the end result is a cool see-thru look!

Many of us learned this technique by mistake! We stamped something we didn't like, tried to rub it off....or accidentally rubbed off an image that we liked! Ranger University teaches this as "alcohol ink resist". Is it "resist" or is it "rub-off"? Either way, it's a truly fun technique! Just something else to do with your rubber stamps!

And then I added a snowflake flower to the top! Just too cute!

Stay tuned! Today is the technique. Tomorrow I will post pictures of all the different stamps I used to do this technique with at the show today. And then on Tuesday, I'll blog more about the flowers and how to make them. Just so many fun things to write about, but I worked a really long day today and right now....I think it's time for the heating pad! LOL!

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