Friday, December 14, 2007

Ornament Play!

It's that time of year to rush out to the store and buy up all of those clear ornaments that come in shapes you can use all year long! These make fabulous window catchers, gift package adornments....and I've even seen a bouquet made from them!!! I'm going to share 3 techniques....but hey...the fun comes in the embellishments! This one was decorated with Spellbinders Daisy Delight die, Amaco pewter, and some Posh Impressions metallic ink painted on with a toothpick.

The first technique is using Perfect Fabic Medium and Perfect Pearls:

1. Mix 1/2 t Perfect Fabric Medium in 1/3 c water. Shake this mix well.
2. Pour some inside the ornament and swirl around. You will need to remove the top first. Coat the inside completely and pour the excess back into the container to reuse. Shake the ornament until there are no blobs inside.
3. Drop in 1/4t perfect pearls, 1 color at a time and swirl around. Use as many colors as you want.
4. Let dry overnight, then add the cap.

This ornament was done with blue perfect pearls:

I put a simple ribbon around it, and added a star to the side.

This next technique uses embossing powders (glitter or fine).

1. Mix 1/2 t Perfect Fabric medium and 1/3c water, swirl inside ornament again and pour out excess.
2. Use 1/4 5 glitter embossing powder or fine embossing powder and swirl around inside the ornament. I recommend you limit this to just 2 or 3 colors. I used green and gold for the next sample.
3. Heat from the outside with a heat tool, holding th eornament with insulated tweezers or pliers. Work over a wood block so you don't destroy your wood surface with the heat. If you want thicker layers, repeat steps 2 and 3.

To decorate this one, I stamped on colorwashed silk, painted with colorwash and foam nibs, cut the image out and adhered it with Glossy Accents and used some bindi rhinestones as accents.

For all of these, I colorwashed white silk ribbons to hang from the top. I simply stuck a silk flower on this one with some bling in the center!

For the final technique, we will use UTEE and EP. I've taken a few photos trying to showcase the supplies you will need for each technique.

1. Again, 1/2t Perfect Fabric medium mixed in 1/3c water, swirl inside the ornament, pour out excess.
2. Mix 1/2 t embossing powder with 2 T UTEE. The pour this into the ornament and swirl around. Limit this to 2 colors only.
3. Heat from the outside with a heat gun following the suggestions above.

Note: UTEE mixes will run inside as you heat it, so you can control the pattern by moving the heating gun closer to or away from the ornament.

And for this one, I simply added peeloffs to the outside. Just so quick and so easy!

Where I live, Hobby Lobby will put these glass ornaments at about 80% off the week before Christmas! So run, don't walk, and get your ornaments today...I particularly love the little ones..just about 2" in diameter...they are great for embellishments and package decorations all year long!

So what's your excuse for not playing today?


Anonymous said...

Gee Jen, wish you would come to my house and play some day. (Imagine the sad face here).

Jody Briles

Anonymous said...

Gee Jen, sure wish you would come to my house and play someday. (Imagine the sad face here.)

Jody Briles

maryps said...

Fabulous ideas - wish I had found this tutorial before the after Christmas sales wiped out all the ornaments. :-(