Thursday, October 4, 2007

6 Degrees

It is said that we all know someone who knows someone who knows someone...and by the 6th comes back to knowing the first person.

Today, my sister met a young man from Israel, Ran Damari. I've not met him, but I have met his music and I think he is amazing. You can hear it on his myspace site, be sure to listen to the 4th song "tal song". Wow! What talent!!!

It brought back memories of my trip to Israel with 2 of my sisters in 2005. When I visited the children's holocaust memorial, I was inspired to write this poem:

Longing for Israel
(the children’s memorial in Jerusalem)
©Jen Lowe 2006

This is where my heart is
Where my soul lives today
A place I never knew before
Just listen as I pray

A million shining stars
In the firmament around me
A million flickering lights
Dancing everywhere I see

Infinitely dark and somber
A shofar blows a tune
A child’s name rings out
My tears come too soon

All the Jewish children
Who died for no just reason
I bow my head in shame
For it cannot be undone

A generation before me
Took a million lives and more
But I still have to question
What was it all for?

Why do you hate the Jews
My heart seems to scream
They did not kill your Saviour
It was the Romans great scheme

Israel is where my heart is
And I long to return
A place I never knew before
I have so much to learn.

and to write the words below to go with one of mom's paintings:

A few months later, I wrote this song of praise as I was once again, looking at the photos of the Sea of Galilee.

Jehovah Y’shua Messiah
I worship you today
I am Your humble servant
In every possible way

Jehovah Y’shua Messiah
My heart sings out to You
Feed me with Your Holy Word
I hunger for more, it’s true

Jehovah Y’shua Messiah
You are my only light
The Menorah is but a symbol
Of my earthly plight

Jehovah Y’shua Messiah
Star of David as my shield
One day soon the truth
Will surely be revealed

Jehovah Y’shua Messiah
Bring Your Kingdom to earth, I pray
Bless Israel and all of Her people
Let their hearts be softened today

Jehovah Y’shua Messiah
Hear my song of praise to You
Thank you for letting me believe
Each thing the way that I do.

My dream is to one day live by the side of the Sea of Galilee.

This trip also inspired new art that will be published in an upcoming book by F&W Pubs called "Flip, Spin and Play" be released shortly. And continues to inspire the jewelry that I create:

So there..I have just discussed 6 things and am hoping that you will share with someone who will share with someone who will share.....until it comes back around to me!

That's 6 degrees of art!

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