Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tattoo Girl

A couple of days ago, I posted a picture of Tattoo Girl...she's on page 15 of the November 2007 issue of Rubber Stamper Magazine. She just makes me giggle when I look at her. I am not a stamper! But I sure used loads of stamps on her to create her "tattoo" effect. But let's start at the top and work our way down. She is a "work"...not sure it's "art"...but she is fun!

Her hair started out as raw mohair. Comes in a skein. Very fragile. I pulled it apart, laid it out on freezer wrap, spritzed with water until it was soaking wet. Strands were about 3' long. Then I sprayed colorwash on the strands. Cranberry. Stream. Lettuce. Butterscotch. I then wrapped the wet strands around drinking straws, taped the ends closed and set the straws back on the freezer wrap to dry overnight. When dry, remove the straws and just let them drop down. I glued them to a doll pate that is then glued to the center of her head. For the bangs, I simply tore pieces of mohair about 8" long and curled them on very narrow, thin straws. Truly fun to make your own wig for a doll!

Her face is porcelain. I used to make dolls and repair dolls. This is a face that had been fired just a couple of times. So I used alcohol inks on a cotton ball to dab color onto her skin. Cranberry for her cheeks...Butterscotch for a touch of tan...just play around and then let that air dry overnight.

Her mask is a Spellbinder die cut and embossed in pewter then painted with Posh Impressions metallic ink. Notice on the right...there a stamped image on her cheek...painted with a posh impressions metallic marker.

Look closely and through the film on her bodice, you can see a stamped chest.

Her necklace is melt art and the instructions are in Belle Armoire Jewelry 2.

In this image, you can see her stamped arms. I used a little bit of just about every product Ranger makes to color in the stamps. Notice on her left wrist...a mini bottle cap bracelet...flattened the caps in my Wizard! Her waistband has elements made by mixing UTEE and art glass and pouring into a mold.

For her shawl and her skirt and bodice, I took white silk and lace, laid them on freezer wrap, spritzed them with water, then spritzed them with colorwash. On the ribbons, I stamped images and then stitched the ribbons together in the center back. Notice the crystal rhinestones set into the silk ribbons....I had so much fun!!!

Here'a s closeup of her leg...all stamped. It's a wood artist's mannikin with a porcelain head attached. The shoes are shown so well in the magazine, there's no need for me to repost them here. They were made by cutting out thin chipboard to get the shape, then covering them with a mix of UTEE, flex and vintage art glass. I guess I need to start a link section to all of my favorite vendors....oh dear...that could be forever long! :o)

I just love creating things that make me smile when I'm done! She's back home from the magazine, sitting in a place of honor on the family room fireplace!

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